Peak Performance Mindset:
Train-the-Trainer Program

Thursday, March 15, 2018
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
InterContinental, San Francisco, CA
The Peak Performance Mindset Workshop offers a cohesive framework that pulls together all elements for growing a peak performance mindset. The framework gives participants the awareness to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Participants will learn the actions they can take to reach their quota, achieve their personal goals, enhance relationships, improve their focus, stretch resilience, and enhance productivity and well-being. The training is based on the latest research in positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral and brain science as it relates to the development of a peak performance mindset and how it can be improved and maintained. The Peak Performance Train-the-Trainer Workshop has been delivered to sales executives, C-Suite leaders, sales managers, and employees at companies such as SAP, ClearSlide, ConnectAndSell, Ring Central and Heartland Payment Systems to name a few. Evaluations from over 2,000 participants demonstrate the benefits of the Peak Performance Mindset training including: high-impact behavior, new sales records, greater team collaboration and a highly positive sales culture.

Join Gerhard Gschwandtner in a new, innovative, and hands-on one-day workshop at the InterContinental in San Francisco.

Benefits of a Peak Performance Mindset
  • Create a culture of peak performance through the enhanced attitudes and behaviors of sales managers and sales teams.
  • Increase the capacity of sales managers to excel in performing high-impact leadership and management behavior.
  • Strengthen the commitment to peak performance, including commitments to exceed quota, increase confidence and the behavioral strengths needed to excel in challenging work situations.
  • Create the ability to identify and overcome internal roadblocks and the ability to handle tough situations at work.
  • Expand self-awareness, positivity, mindfulness, no-limit thinking and perseverance.
Workshop Agenda

Outline of the Train-the-Trainer Certification Program
Part 1: The Foundation of the Peak Performance Mindset
Part 2: The Role of the "Inner CEO" and the 10 Peak Performance Mindset Behaviors
Part 3: Self-Management Tools for Peak Performance
Part 4: Practice Session
Part 5: Mastering the 3 Growth Strategies for Peak Performance
Workshop Presenter

Gerhard Gschwandtner
Gerhard Gschwandtner
Gerhard has interviewed hundreds of high performers in business, sports, entertainment, and politics for Selling Power magazine. He is the author of 16 books on selling, sales management, sales psychology, and motivation and the creator of over 500 videos on sales leadership, motivation, and the psychology of high achievement; and has now created the Peak Performance Mindset program.
Cancellation Policy

If the client cancels the participation in this workshop less than 30 days prior to the event, a refund of 25 percent of the tuition will be returned to the client. The client can apply the fees to another train-the-trainer workshop by paying a 25 percent rescheduling fee.