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SIMPLE: With the best tools from neuroscience and cognitive psychology the Peak Performance Mindset® training will definitely help you grow sales and lead a happier life. That's our promise to you. And we've seen it work wonders for people just like you.
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The Peak Performance Mindset® System offers a cohesive framework that pulls together all elements for growing your own peak performance mindset. The framework gives participants the awareness to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Participants will learn the actions they can take to reach their quotas, achieve their personal goals, enhance relationships, improve their focus, stretch resilience, and enhance productivity and well-being. The training is based on the latest research in positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral and brain science as it relates to the development of a peak performance mindset and how it can be improved and maintained. For more information, click here.

Over 7,000 people trained
For trainers, our Peak Performance Mindset® Train-the-Trainer Workshop has been delivered to sales executives, C-Suite leaders, sales managers, and employees at such companies as SAP, ClearSlide, ConnectAndSell, Sungard, Ring Central, Purolator and Heartland Payment Systems to name a few. All with stunning positive personal and career results. We certify trainers in exclusive train-the-trainer workshops held at locations across the U.S. You cannot get this training anywhere else. Our course was developed over 18 months after intensive research on what really helps people perform at higher levels.
Currently 55 Certified Trainers
What they say about the Peak Performance Mindset® Training:
"Shifting to a positive mindset in life may seem impossible; we are so used to the opposite. Gerhard provided the right amount of data and inspiration to get us on this new path. Gerhard has taken the principles of self-development, neuro-science, positive psychology and mindfulness and packaged this into a roadmap for sales professionals so they can achieve tangible results."
"The Peak Performance Mindset® has completely transformed the way that ConnectAndSell Account executives sell. The team went from having 25 conversations a week per rep to more than double. We achieve the highest quarter in the history of the company. I’ve decided to apply the same formula and realized my dream of publishing my first book in record time – 90 days."
"Back in August 2017 you had given me some stellar advice about removing toxic relationships from my life and it has made all the difference. I am starting 2018 having my best January on record which wouldn't have been possible without leaving the toxic environment I was in previously. Thank you again for making a difference."